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Note: Information about some of these clones is very hard to come by. There are also definitely clones out there that aren't listed on this page. It's also possible that some of these are essentially duplicates – the same clone IC marked with different part numbers. I aim for this page to be a good resource, but don't take anything here as gospel!

Original Chip Clone Manufacturer Clone Part No. Clone Notes
GI AY-3-8910 File KC89C72
GI AY-3-8910 JFC 95101
GI AY-3-8910 Toshiba T7766A
GI AY-3-8910 Winbond WF19054
GI AY-3-8910 Yamaha YM2149F
GI AY-3-8910 Yamaha YM3439 YM2149, but CMOS
GI AY-3-8910 Yamaha YMZ284 DIP16, single output
GI AY-3-8910 Yamaha YMZ294 DIP18, single output
Ricoh 2A03 Micro Genius MG-P-501 Same die as UA6527P
Ricoh 2A03 UMC UA6527 Incorrect pulse duty cycles
Ricoh 2A03 UMC UA6527P TODO: document revisions and errors…
Ricoh 2A03 Unknown MG-N-501
Yamaha YAC512 Unknown DAP16S
Yamaha YAC512 Unknown LS5122
Yamaha YAC512 Unknown LS-215
Yamaha YAC512 Unknown S-012
Yamaha YM2151 Unknown CY5001
Yamaha YM2413 UMC U3567 Supposedly different pinout
Yamaha YM2413 UMC UM3567 0.7“ DIP
Yamaha YM2413 Unknown K-663 / K-663A Unverified, supposed to be same pinout as U3567
Yamaha YM2612 Unknown TA-07
Yamaha YM2612 Unknown SE-95
Yamaha YM2612 Unknown PCS 8593
Yamaha YM3014 UMC U6614B
Yamaha YM3014 Unknown K-664
Yamaha YM3014 Unknown JSC-3
Yamaha YM3812 UMC U6612
Yamaha YM3812 Unknown SC802 DIP14, unknown pinout differences
Yamaha YM3812 Unknown KS8001 KS8002 = 3014 DAC?
Yamaha YM3812 Unknown 74LS631 74LS74 = 3014 DAC?
Yamaha YM3812 Unknown SA12
Yamaha YM3812 Unknown SM64 Might actually be YM3526
Yamaha YM3812 Unknown K-666 Might actually be YM3526
Yamaha YM3812 Unknown SC801 DIP28, unknown pinout differences
Yamaha YMF262 Unknown DSP24S
Yamaha YMF262 Unknown FT6116-100
Yamaha YMF262 Unknown LS-212
Yamaha YMF262 Unknown LS245 DIP20, omits some signals
Yamaha YMF262 Unknown LS262
Yamaha YMF262 Unknown LS262.B Unknown differences to LS262
Yamaha YMF262 Unknown LS262 (other) Apparently a version exists with less pins, omitting the channel C,D outputs
Yamaha YMF262 Unknown S-062
Yamaha YMF262 Unknown RTA1000 DIP20, omits some signals
Yamaha YMF289B Unknown DXP44Q
SEGA 315-5960 or 315-6123 Unknown SM801-A1 Genesis 3 SoC clone - YM3438 inside

Things that need to be filled in:

  • Die shots where available
  • MD2 VDP clones
  • Inaccurate MD clone glop-top trash?
  • YM2151/YM3812 clones
  • There are many more OPL series clones out there
  • 22C730 + 22C731 SFC APU - WDL?
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